Hi, I'm Kari and I am the creator of this blog. I do watercolors, hand lettering, calligraphy for weddings and I pretend to know how to do lots of other things. I now live in Victoria, Australia, but am from Arizona which is where my love for the desert comes from, and part of the name. It is easy to be continuously inspired by beautiful places like the desert- a place I have called home for so long, and now the Australian bush. The second part of the name comes from my love for a feast. Feasts mean a couple different things to me- they bring people together to celebrate life, relationships and community. I also look outside my window and see a feast of creation in nature, which is continuously moving and changing and evolving into something new. I hope this place and my creations can be a celebration of that, an outpouring of pieces of my life that it may be a feast for others to enjoy. Thanks for taking part. x o 

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